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 How to find your North American Indian Ancestry: Métis: is a distinct culture, a mixture of First Nations and European ancestry created in the North American Fur trade.  Fraser Valley Métis Nation has created a verifiable process to identify members of the community; this process is based on reasonable principals and historical fact that can be documented.  The three components to guide the identification of Métis rights holders are: Self-identification, Ancestral connection to a historic Métis community and community acceptance, a step by step process has been developed to get Certified Genealogy and membership in The Fraser Valley Métis Nation Community.
 Once proof of your Métis Indian Ancestry has been established you will be issued a Métis Status card and accepted into the Fraser Valley Métis Nation Community with all Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities of full Membership.
 Authentic Métis and Coast Salish Aboriginal hand Drums and kits, made from deer, moose, elk, and cow hides, from animals of British Columbia, made in traditional ways.  For centuries, Native people of North America have kept alive their traditions of honouring the earth as sacred, Native people intuitively understood that all human beings are coded for ritual, Aboriginal cultures have always drummed in rituals at births, deaths, weddings, harvests and ceremonial rites, you too can own your own sacred drum.
Canoe Journey
 Your cultural historic journey will take place on the Fraser River from Mission to Fort Langley; it will highlight the history of the Métis: Canada’s forgotten people, their interactions with the Sto: lo the local First Nations Coast Salish people of the Fraser Valley: Saint Mary’s residential school, North American Indian villages, Canadian Pacific railway train wreck, Lafarge cement plant, Beausoleil, Cabana, Donatelli homesteads, Matsqui Catholic church (Saint Anthony’s), Billy Miner train robbery (Silverdale), history of the Stave river Valley, Crescent Island milk company, Ramona, Beaver and Sampson paddle wheelers, ending at Fort Langley the historic site of the Hudson bay company, post for the British Columbia fur and salmon trade, your Métis tour guide is a direct descendant of the 400 year old fur trade

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